Monday, January 04, 2010

Things That Caught My Eye In 2009

Jason Crombie Interviews

Credit to Crombie for elevating a boring magazine cliche into an art form.

Fred Butler Fashion Accessories

Luke Sullivan's talk at the Miami ad school

TED may be the dope right now but there's something vaguely off-putting about shit that has account directors spamming people on a daily basis. TED reminds of that eco-bleater Al Gore and his persistent whining that was the toast of 2008. Sullivan's talk won't save the planet but it had me watching it thrice in a day. Warning: Those who aren't in the advertising industry might wonder what he's going on about. Plus, it's really long.

Volkswagen Touareg commercial by DDB Amsterdam

Don't think it won any awards but I liked this ad for its simplicity and wit. Luke Sullivan would agree.

Shit My Dad Says On Twitter (Despite the fact that I hate Twitter)

"I just want silence. Jesus, it doesn't mean I don't like you. It just means right now, I like silence more.

The Love Distance Project

Very Jap. Very popular. A little too sappy for my taste but an original idea nevertheless.

Photographs by Ryan McGinley

Disturbing, beautiful.

The Tucker Max Sushi Pants Story

Maddox will still remain king of bloggers but this Tucker Max blog, although tainted by the commercial hand of MTV, was still was worthy of mention.

The Patiala Craft Mela by Lotus Design

Maybe I haven't looked hard enough, but this was the coolest thing from India this year.

Volkswagen Golf Cheetah ad by Ogilvy Cape Town

What can I say, I've been researching a lot of car commercials this year and I happened to stumble across this one which I liked very much. Astoundingly brilliant idea, seeing the fastest creature on earth, tragically crippled, never felt the wind in its hair but somwhow in its genetic make-up knows that it ought to. I like that they didn't spell it out and just leave it for us to infer when we see that last frame of the cheetah with its head out the window.

Malcolm Gladwell's piece in the New Yorker on late bloomers

There's hope for us all, so Gladwell says. Also, it reminded me to look up 'The Love Song Of J. Alfred Prufrock' again.

Happy New Year everyone!


mentalie said...

i can't get over ryan mcginley's he's been photographing dreams and nightmares. incredible.
i dn't feel the same abt the VW cheetah ad though...seems like a bit of a shameless pity vote. VW can do better.

mentalie said...

also, happy 2010 to you too champion!